Hunter Plumbing Reviews

“I used Hunter Plumbing to fix a couple of plumbing issues when we first moved into our house. No problems since. Highly recommended.”

Brogan James, Glendale NSW

“Used Hunter Plumbing when building my house and have had zero issues with the plumbing that they installed at my place.”

Steve Scale, Morrisett NSW

“So happy decided to use Hunter Plumbing. Prompt courteous helpful and pleasant. Very professional. Highly recommend if you want a business that excels in delivering.”

Liz Renshaw, New Lambton NSW

“I found Hunter Plumbing and it was a completely different experience to your regular plumbers. I submitted a web form, got a call back when they opened to arrange an appointment. The plumber who showed up at the house was super polite, resolved the issue, and was professional. We would highly recommend Hunter Plumbing.”

Gary Evans, Newcastle NSW

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