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Hunter Plumbing Fixing Sewer Lines for Over 10 Years



Hunter Plumbing Fixing Sewer Lines for Over 10 Years


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Blocked Sewer Pipe Newcastle

Sewer line problems are stressful for home and business owners. Sewer lines work by taking all waste from our homes into the sewer system. When you face sewer line issues contact your local experts at Hunter Plumbing for effective sewer line repairs. Our qualified plumbers can assess your situation and provide a cost-effective solution.

Aside from the hassles and unpleasant odours, sewer line issues can end up causing costly damage to your property. Often leading to a very messy and expensive clean up. Sewer line issues can occur from tree roots, old pipes, blockages and cracking. Hunter Plumbing have over 10 years of experience fixing sewer lines across Newcastle.

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What is the Cause of your Sewer Drain Issues?

Extreme Weather Conditions

Sewer Pipes can suffer significant damage due to shifting soil caused from high winds and periods of heavy rains. We often see sewer pipes breaking or fracturing after soil has shifted. If this happens they will begin leaking into your property or neighbouring properties.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the worst causes of blocked and damaged sewer lines. Often causing overflow and severe damage to your property. Tree roots are drawn to the nearest source of water, causing cracking and sometimes full blockages. Once roots have found a way to enter your pipes, they will continue to grow inside. They won’t stop until you have a bad case of blocked sewers, sewer overflow and damaged sewer line! If you are one of the lucky ones the impact of damaged sewers can be small, with just slow flowing sewers. Otherwise, the force of roots in drains can result in completely blocked sewers. Older sewer pipes are the most vulnerable to this problem.

Grease and Oil Blockage

Sewer Lines quite often build up with cooking oils, grease and fats. Grease and oil are of the most common blocked sewer causes, and yet also the easiest to prevent. As these hot liquids become cooler, they start to solidify and can cling to the inside of your sewer pipe. This not only starts to smell bad but can build up and completely block your sewer line.


Many sewer line pipes across Newcastle are sometimes over 100 years old! These pose risks of deterioration, collapse and broken sewer line pipes. Hundred year old pipes were never designed to deal with increased hot water use or the amount of detergents in use today.

Leaking Joints

Sewer line issues are not always as clear as a broken or burst pipe. Often the seals of the joints on sewer lines can leak, allowing water to escape in the surrounding area of the pipe.

Foreign Objects

Blocked sewer lines can occur when foreign objects, such as children’s toys, wet wipes and sanitary items become caught. These item build up in the sewer pipe. Though the material may not block the sewer pipes over time in combination with other items it will continue to collect at that point. This prevents water from flowing and can result in a blocked sewer pipe.

Homeowner Damage

Don’t be embarrassed! We often come across sewer lines pipes that have been struck by a homeowner while doing garden landscaping or home renovations. This is quite a common cause of sewer line problems.

Collapsed Sewer Lines

Unfortunately sewer lines can collapse. You should be aware of any potential signs that your sewer lines may collapse. In particular, leaking sewer pipes are a clear sign of potential worse issues are imminent.

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When should you take action for Sewer Pipe issues?

Simple answer is call Hunter Plumbing immediately if you suspect any sewer line issues. A blocked sewer line should never be taken lightly. Apart from creating a major issues with your plumbing, it can also end up costing you significantly.

Have you noticed that your sewer pipes have started to slow down? Are you hearing gurgling noises from your toilet? These can be a signs that something is wrong with your sewer line. If you have a serious sewer line failure in Newcastle, speak with the experts at Hunter Plumbing.

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